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Poetenladen – A Valuable Resource

»Poetenladen is a website dedicated to contemporary German poets. It makes available poetry, criticism, and essays by and on a range of poets. Users can also read online or in PDF the publication Poet, which publishes a range of new German poetry. News of upcoming events in the world of German literature and poetry is given, such as poetry readings and meetings. Users can either search the site or browse a list of poets. Short biographies are provided, alongside selections of poetry and links to relevant Web resources. There is also the possibility of individual poets through an online form and users can also post messages to the site's forum. The site also presents numerous images that have been inspired by individual poems from German poets over the centuries. This resource is valuable for those studying German poetry, in particular contemporary poetry, as a source of primary material and literary criticism.«

Oxford University

poet[mag] Literaturmagazin
Leipzig 2006-2007
176 – 192 Seiten, 8,80 Euro
poet[mag] 1 – ISBN 978-3-93854318-4
poet[mag] 2 – ISBN 978-3-93854327-6
poet[mag] 3 – ISBN 978-3-00021141-6

Die dritte Ausgabe, die gestalterisch noch das Prinzip der frühen Ausgaben fortsetzt, ist das erste Magazin, das offifziell im neu gegründeten poetenladen-Verlag erschien. Für die vierte Ausgabe, die erstmals einen poeten auf dem Cover darstellt, griff Miriam Zedelius exakt die Farben Blau und Orange der Nummer 3 auf.
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